Friday, April 2, 2010

Mac and Cheese

This video is amazing. It's an entertaining ode to comfort food: "FREEZE! Somebody bring me back some mac and cheese. I got a million ways to cook it. Choose one!" Check it out.

True to the artists' lyrics, there are millions of variations of macaroni and cheese in the range of creamy, baked, battered and deep-fried, sharp, medium, mild, spicy, w/vegetables and w/meat. Ina Garten--aka Barefoot Contessa (Food Network)--knows a thing or two about putting a gourmet touch on classic comfort foods and I trust her judgment. In the recipe linked below, she adds sliced tomatoes to my favorite comfort food.

During my two-year quest for the perfect macaroni and cheese recipe, I came across two great recipes. I combined them to make one stellar dish that I've gotten rave reviews of and several recipe requests. I just might have to try that recipe with tomatoes and breadcrumbs. Maybe even for Easter to go with my carrot cake. Hmmm...

How to Cook Magnificent Mac and Cheese Eat + Drink:

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