Sunday, October 25, 2009

i HEART southern food

i HEART southern food!
i love to cook it.
i love to eat it.
i love to smell it.

the university of mississippi did something novel. they decided to study it: southern foodways alliance. they have scholarly symposiums about southern gems like pimento cheese, fried chicken, mint juleps, boiled peanuts, mississippi delta hot tamales, tabasco sauce, boudin, and gumbo. this makes me warm inside because i HEART southern food.

so, imagine this. i happened upon this website, nola cuisine, and completely lost my mind. i think i spent about 5 hours on this website because i get obsessive like that sometimes.

i fret not. i can now have sweet dreams of my grand culinary tour in The Big Easy. That's right, a whole vacation devoted to eating. BREAKFAST... snack... LUNCH... snack... DINNER. each restaurant well researched, each meal meticulously chosen, each spirit carefully paired, and each coma definitely worth it. :)

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  1. Q,

    I had the most succulent steak topped with a lemon-garlic butter sauce this evening -- the restaraunt calls it 'LouisinaSirloin'. I just assumed it was Nawlins based because it had zesty kick. Sorta like andoullie (sp). newayz fella - it was yummy.